Where we are today

The economy is going down fast and still McCain is confused about what to do or what it all means.  He spouts platitudes and nonsense and is trying his hardest to explain how he could be saying “the fundamentals of the economy are sound.”  But is anyone listening to what is coming out of his mouth?  Will the dire situation actually change the race?  The Wall Street Journal last week said that Obama’s plan for the economy made a lot more sense than McCain’s, but did I hear anything about that in the past few days?  No.  Not a word from the “liberal media”  or the Obama campaign.

Last week in the NY Times one of the bloggers referred to an article about why people vote one way or the other. The upshot is that Republicans can somehow understand how Democrats think, but Democrats cannot get inside the heads of Republicans.  I know I have said many times “I don’t get how they can say that.”   “Do they really believe that?”  Apparently, Republicans know just how I feel and they are laughing, knowing that the more they do the angrier we get.


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