Election Day ’08

It was really, really slow at the polls today, but fortunately the Republicans were humorous whether intentionally or not. I laughed. At the second precinct where I handed out the Democratic slate the GOP folk sat at their table watching us, not getting up or moving to get to potential voters, and making loud comments probably intended to piss us off, but somehow mostly just struck me as inane. “The Black Panthers are active in Philadelphia right now.” “They want entire cemeteries to vote.” The man sitting at the table knew I was listening; how could I not be? Then he turned slightly in my direction and asked, “Do you think they should let dead people vote?” “If they can walk into the polls, yes,” I replied. He didn’t laugh. Go figure.

Here are the signs they had hand made and taped lovingly to the backs of their chairs.

Yep, marriege! You betcha!


Cause we’re all so over that old burst.


I want more molesters on the streets where we can keep an eye on them.


There are some things we can all agree about. I want to save the constitution, too. It’s just what I want to save it from that differs.




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  1. You are doing a good job.

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