Will the Clinton Bashing Ever End?

So now that it is all but certain that Hillary Clinton will be our secretary of state, will the Clinton bashing calm down? I doubt it, but I hope so. ohllaryEvery article about tomorrow’s expected announcement has the undertone of distrust. What will she do? Will she undercut his policy and be a big bother taking Obama’s precious time away from more important presidential business? Does Bill still HATE him as everyone is just certain is the truth? Could those Clintons be plotting and planning some sort of coup? I am so tired of this speculation.

Why do they engender this from so many people? There is really no precedent for them in modern American history. Did the Adams’ have this same reaction? The Bushes certainly didn’t have this kind of talk bandied about with them. Nor has the Kennedy clan reached this level of anti-dynastic antipathy. It seems to be about Hillary. Bill definitely burned up some of his political capital during the primaries, but this enmity appears to come from somewhere else. The press has pushed it, but it also comes from both sides of the aisle. What exactly have they done to deserve this?

clintonr_468x612Bill was one of the most popular presidents in modern history both at home and abroad. And during the primary campaign he pissed off a lot of people by supporting his wife. The president shouldn’t be so political they seem to be saying. Bill is the same old Bill, but the political landscaped changed and he didn’t see it coming. His charm paled in comparison to the young Obama. Perhaps it was his pique at this upstart stealing his shine that made him seem less good old boy and more petulant loser. Yet even when it was over and Obama was the candidate, it looked like (from what we were shown on the news) Bill was holding a grudge. Even though Hillary was out doing her best to get Obama elected, the grumblings were everywhere about The Clintons and their dynastic pretensions. And when it was announced that Obama was offering Hillary the Secretary of State position, the floodgates opened wide.

All kinds of stories about the grudge, the Clintonian demands, the drama behinds the scenes, the “leaks” that must have come from the Clintons (despite the fact that many other administration appointments were also disclosed), Bill’s huge problems with conforming to the needs of the Obama administration for his wife’s sake, and on and on they went. Now that Bill has bent over backwards, agreeing to disclose everything about his finances, something that the pundits and prognosticators said would be impossible for him, and agreeing to let the Obama administration in on all his dealings, will the bashing stop?

What is it about this family, this man and woman, that keeps the public in pounce mode? They are both extremely smart, exceptionally capable, hugely charming and clearly ambitious. But both have chosen to devote themselves to public service. Both could certainly have done well in private practice. Maybe ego is a big part of their make-up, but at the level they have reached, who among them is without extreme self-confidence? Do they need a bit more hubris? Maybe. Could they have misjudged their special place in the country? Perhaps. But now that the dust has settled and they are both on board with Obama, can’t we all just get along? Please.


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