Merry Christmas, and pass the ammunition

Want to do something that will make a real difference to the troops? You can help make the daily routine of our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq a little more bearable.

It turns out the uber-conservative web portal Human Events dot com has a present for “the troops.” You, too, can send them coffee and cookies for only $25 per person. Real Oreos and Jelly Bellys and some fancy-schmancy coffee! I am sure that this is being done out of the kindness of a “patriot’s heart” and not for profit. After all a bag of coffee and Oreos must cost a ton.

We’ve heard from countless members of the Armed Forces serving in the Middle East that one precious resource in short supply is quality coffee. That’s why Move America Forward wanted to send only the BEST GOURMET Coffee to the troops.

Excuse me if I question this here. But isn’t some of the best coffee in the world from Africa and don’t the middle eastern people have wonderful coffee, like Turkish, Moroccan, and various other North African kinds of really Great Coffee? Ever heard of Kenyan coffee? A quick look at google shows me that coffee is produced all over the place in Africa. “Coffee was born in Africa. Both major varieties such as Arabica and Robusta beans find their origin in Africa.” And we have to send something from the USA?

This “Single” pack serves one serviceman or woman currently stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Move America Forward is proud to be in partnership with Artisan Roasters to provide our men and women standing in defense of freedom a wonderful taste of home and a reminder of our support.

Artisan Roasters produces only Exclusively Connoisseur Class Coffees sourced from the finest estates worldwide to ensure that each cup is not only a taste of home, it is most likely the most satisfying cup they’ve ever experienced! And why not? America’s Finest stationed in harm’s way deserve nothing less! When you sponsor a bag of Artisan Roasters coffee for a soldier, airman, marine or seaman to enjoy, you can be sure you are sending the very finest coffee.

What better to enjoy with a cup of exquisite coffee but with name brand Oreo Cookies? When you sponsor a care package with Move America Forward, we send only genuine Oreo brand chocolate sandwich cookies to the troops.

Also included in MAF care packages are special treats from Jelly Belly jelly beans, part of our Candy Diplomacy Program

Candy Diplomacy means reaching out to our troops and to the people of Iraq to improve cooperation and relationships between American troops and the Iraqis or Afghans they work with every day. Each 2 oz. bag of gourmet jelly beans (which include the favorite flavors of Iraqi and Afghani children) has the following message printed in both English and Arabic:jelly_belly

“A gift from the American people in hope that your country will one day enjoy the freedom and opportunities that we have in the United States.”

The “Candy Diplomacy” program came to life thanks to the inspiration provided by President Ronald Reagan – who LOVED Jelly Belly brand jelly beans. As a champion of the cause of freedom for all people, Reagan’s vision of helping spread the seeds of freedom was never dampened by the doubts of cynics who said not all people can value and appreciate freedom.

Who are these cynical guys and gals and where do we go to stop them? And I want photos of them so I can show them to all my friends and laugh at them.

The troops can enjoy the treats for themselves, or share them with Iraqi or Afghani children to lift their spirits and inspire them.

Nice how they want to share with the kids over there. To lift their spirits since we came in and destroyed their countries. And all inspired by Ronald Reagan. Let’s export candy and maybe they will forget that we killed hundred of thousands of innocent citizens there and reduced their country to rubble. Oreos are magic. And I would love to know the favorite flavors of Jelly Bellys the Iraqi children are being given. Did they send people over to do a test audience kind of thing? Are there statistics on what shell shocked children most like to eat? SAPA970914813650


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