Robbing the rich to help the terrorists

s-mad-largeWhile reading an article in The New York Post about the Madoff Ponzi scheme that has taken mountains of money from heavy hitters all over the world, I was shocked to read the following:

Meanwhile, the FBI admitted that the Madoff scandal had grown so large that it was forced to shift agents from counterterrorism operations to the alleged swindler’s case, among other Wall Street scandals.

So we don’t have enough FBI agents to take care of the rich and the rest of us? Who forced them to chose the economy over public safety? al_qaedaDoes anyone in Al Qaeda read the New York Post? Did they call Osama with the news that because of a huge fraud case, now is a good time to attack?

What I really wish though is that we would find out that Bin Laden’s war chest was invested in one of the many international banks and funds that were lost in the meltdown. Now that would be divine retribution – a little of that good ole Biblical the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.


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