They’re so scared — hee hee!

Urgent message from Dick Morris

Dear Reader:

Al Franken is trying every trick in the book to get into the U.S. Senate.

Jesus Christ, he ran for office and people actually voted for him. He is a real trickster!

Recently Franken was “certified” of the recent recount, but as the liberal Sec. of State of Minnesota admitted, this does not mean he is the election winner.

franken-coleman-topperIn fact, the result is now open for legal challenge. I believe a fair court ruling will negate Franken’s phony victory and declare Norm Coleman the winner – who was ahead by hundred of votes on election night.

Yes, your candidate was ahead on election night by a tiny margin – 215 to be exact out of 2.9 million votes cast. So you immediately call the election in his favor without counting the absentee ballots. When your opponent doesn’t graciously concede defeat, you claim he is being hurtful to all the electorate. You cleverly ignore the state law mandating a recount in an election this close and then complain incessantly as a bipartisan panel performs the most closely watched recount in history and your opponent actually comes out ahead – by 225 votes.

This week the Wall Street Journal came out with guns blazing for the out-and-out vote theft going on in Minnesota. The Journal noted that shockingly almost every controversial dispute during the vote recount went in the favor of Al Franken.

The Journal said: “We can’t recall a similar recount . . . in which nearly every crucial decision worked to the advantage of the same candidate (Franken). If the Canvassing Board certifies Mr. Franken as the winner based on the current count, it will be appointing a tainted and undeserving senator.”

The article being referenced actually talks about there being double counts of ballots, but there is no proof that only Franken ballots were counted twice.

Well, you and I can help stop Al Franken.mp_main_wide_colemanfranken452

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) is leading the fight for a fair Senate election and vote. Exposing Al Franken’s vote fraud won’t be easy. Franken has gotten millions from George Soros and his liberal Hollywood friends.

Hollywood is code for EVIL. But let me think, who was it that stole the election in Florida?

Actors? No.

Rich liberals? Hmmm. No.

I think it was somebody else.

But already the RNLA has made major strides. Even Sen. Harry Reid relented and said he won’t seat Al Franken yet. We must demand an honest vote in Minnesota. You can help the RNLA do that – Click Here Now.

The Republican National Lawyers Association is the number one group in the country fighting vote fraud. The Wall Street Journal said that if it was not for the RNLA, John Kerry could well have won the 2004 election.

One wonders what they were doing in Florida in 2000?

But don’t the Repugnicans traditionally rail against evil lawyers? I guess only the “liberal” lawyers are a problem.

Now they are fighting for a key Senate seat. If the Democrats get Franken in the Senate they are just one vote shy of a filibuster proof Senate. That means Obama, Pelosi and Reid can push through a radical liberal agenda including higher taxes, abolishing free talk radio, and giving amnesty to millions of illegals.

You can stop them. We can stop them. Help the RNLA today – Click Here Now.

Thank you.

Dick Morris



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