Michael Jackson had to die

It seems almost inevitable now that Michael Jackson died at 50. He was the boy-man who could not grow up. Can anyone actually imagine him as an old man? Obit Michael Jackson No one can argue that MJ was anything if not a very isolated and unhappy man. That is so sad. What kind of life could he have lived had the jackals left him alone and had he been surrounded by people whose interest had been his instead of their own? Elvis’s daughter, his ex-wife says that he was obsessed with the King and expected to end like him. Various and sundry others are coming forth now with stories about his mental and physical health that are downright heartbreaking because there was no one who cared enough in his life to help him.

I am no Michael Jackson fanatic. I liked his music and I believe he was a great talent. But he is to me one of a long line of celebrities who self-destruct surrounded by scores of self-interested sycophants. There is this enormous outpouring of love from the fans, yet where is the anger and outrage at those who stood by and did nothing to avert the catastrophe that was staring them in the face? The promoters who were pushing him to do 50 shows in London apparently knew it was physically more grueling than most 25 year-olds could handle. There are lots of people now telling all that he had either lupus or another autoimmune disease that made it hard for him to breathe and could have caused a heart attack if he was pushing himself too hard, but was anyone there counseling him? Deepak Chopra has come out as his long time friend, but where was he? His family is now scrambling to take care of his estate and his children, but did they try to help him when he was alive?

I find the concept of someone so adored being so isolated from the care that he needed entirely heart breaking. I guess that is the life of an idol. We expect them to live better than we do. They are supposed to be stronger, happier, better than we are, and yet in the end, they always turn out to be entirely human. When will we ever learn?


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  1. Silver Fox

    The paradox of Michael Jackson was that we loved his artistic genius, but we couldn’t process his self-mutilation and his bizarre lifestyle.

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