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The Kennedy Funeral

I was just looking at the photos from Teddy Kennedy’s funeral and came across this. 29840406 Sure, there are lots of political celebrities there, but Jack Nicholson? What is that about? Did he and Teddy have a relationship? Go out, have a few drinks, pick up chick together? Or was Jack in Boston and decided to just show up for the free publicity? Is he going to try and get Ted’s seat? There has to be more to this. Anyone know?


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Ask a Kreep

The latest from the right wing is in a newsletter I get just to keep up with their insanity. Forewarned is forearmed, or so they say.

Found on a conservative blog today

Found on a conservative blog called GOP Mom today

What would you think if an amendment to the U.S. Constitution was introduced by liberal Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, which repealed the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights — taking away our right to Free Speech?

What would you think if an amendment to the U.S. Constitution was introduced by liberal Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, which repealed the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights — taking away our right to Keep and Bear Arms? (A right that the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld!)

“That could never happen,” you say. “No one would allow it!” Right? Well…

Did you know that there are TWO ways that our Constitution can be changed? And did you know that Pelosi, Reid and Barack Obama are using the less well-known way, without having to actually introduce amendments?

IT’S TRUE — and WE have to stop it NOW!

This is written to scare the money right out of those poor people too dumb to think for themselves. I am sure most of them miss the signature on this call to arms, one Mr. Gary Kreep, Executive Director Of the United States Justice Foundation. Really, Kreep.

According to Mr. Kreep, we liberals are trying to call for a Constitutional Convention where we will throw all that he and his conservative friends hold dear into the fire. We are out to destroy the country.

Say BYE-BYE to the First Amendment’s freedom of speech — Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity could be taken off the air.

Say BYE-BYE to the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms — a total gun ban could be the law of the land!

Say BYE-BYE to the Constitution’s requirement that to serve as President a man or a woman must be a “natural born citizen”!

What amazes me about this is that I am on every liberal newsletter, email and regular mail list and I have yet to hear about this wonderful news. Getting Rush and Hannity off the air would definitely be worth trashing the Constitution, wouldn’t it? Can we make sure Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly are included, too? ‘

Do they really think that we want to take away freedom of speech? And the right to bear arms? Is absolute fear the only way they know how to deal with a President they don’t like? I guess it works for them most of the time. And when the people they are scaring send money, what do they spend it on? More fear mongering? Not one solution, not one new idea comes from these people. Only hate and fear.

Grandmas and Unborn Babies Face Extermination by Obama’s “Health” Care Plan
The bottom line? Your tax-dollars will pay for preferential hiring of homosexual hospital administrators, who distribute $50,000 grants to gender-confused activists for unneeded elective surgery to mutilate their own genitals, (and force Christian doctors to perform it.)

It would be funny if it weren’t so scary. These people are very angry and they have guns and are getting more crazy people to send them money. And no lie is beneath them.

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