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They Want their Country Back

I was watching this really good but scary video about the 9/12 march in Washington and it hit me, what the people here were talking about. They want their country back. Don’t they realize that we have elections and that is when you get your country back? We all had the chance to vote. You lost. Get over it. Go out and find a candidate that you think can win and do what you want, but stop belly aching. Stop lying about things. Find out the truth for yourselves. Read some history. Do some research and that doesn’t mean turn on Glenn Beck.

This video nails so many points about the level of delusional thinking.

And who do you want your country back from? Who has taken it? The Democratic Party that won the elections? The government? Obama in particular? Where were you all the last 8 years? Were you happy with Bush inflating the deficit to historic highs with an unnecessary war and tax cuts for the wealthy?



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What in the hell is going on in this country when the people on the right feel free to show utter disrespect for the office of the President of the United States. First they say that the President should not be talking to the students of America without their parents permission.

Rep. Joe Wilson thinks he is in Parliament.

Rep. Joe Wilson thinks he is in Parliament.

Since when did the President need permission to make a public address calling on children to work hard and be responsible? Then we have a congressman yelling “You lie!” at the President in the Senate chamber during a joint session of Congress. As much as I hated Bush, I would never have the gall to tell him when he could talk and to whom. Or to call him a liar as he is talking to the rest of Congress. (Sure, in my dreams, and I did yell from my couch, but in Congress? No, I would not.) It is not only disrespectful to him, but to the institution of the Congress. And what was he calling the President a liar for? For saying that the health care bill will not cover illegal aliens. Now, did this guy know for sure that the President wants to give health care free to illegals? No. Is it in a bill now written? No. Was it a knee jerk reaction to the hateful lies being thrown all over the place by people who actually know better? Probably.


Seems that the Right feels nothing holding them back from calling him a liar, as they in the same breath lie until they are blue in the face. Lying hypocrites! And they are legion. I get so angry. Here’s my enemies list. The Biggest Liars Club.

I wish there were laws about lying. Libel and slander do not apply here for some reason. I wish the President could sue the liars and make them come clean, that they are only saying what they are saying because they get money from insurance companies, or they just don’t want him to succeed for whatever political reason.

I listened to President Obama’s speech and to the Republican rebuttal. Seems to me they didn’t listen to him at all. They decided before he gave the speech which parts they would hear and which they would just ignore. No matter what he said they were going to cling to the lies. What is wrong with those people?

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