They Want their Country Back

I was watching this really good but scary video about the 9/12 march in Washington and it hit me, what the people here were talking about. They want their country back. Don’t they realize that we have elections and that is when you get your country back? We all had the chance to vote. You lost. Get over it. Go out and find a candidate that you think can win and do what you want, but stop belly aching. Stop lying about things. Find out the truth for yourselves. Read some history. Do some research and that doesn’t mean turn on Glenn Beck.

This video nails so many points about the level of delusional thinking.

And who do you want your country back from? Who has taken it? The Democratic Party that won the elections? The government? Obama in particular? Where were you all the last 8 years? Were you happy with Bush inflating the deficit to historic highs with an unnecessary war and tax cuts for the wealthy?



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3 responses to “They Want their Country Back

  1. That “Let’s take our country back” was the cry from the left on the campaign trail last year.

  2. Jill

    That’s true, but that was after 8 years of Bush. The right was screaming this 2 seconds after the election was called.

  3. NO it actually started just before 9/11/01, then went underground until they felt safe enough to undermine Bush.

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