Thanks Julian

I realized last night at a party the I have entirely shifted my Sarah Palin obsession to Julian Assange. For two years, she’s been sucking me into reading useless news stories. What astounding idiotic item would pop up about her next? What didn’t I know about the Palins’ train wreck? And even though my expectations were low, my heart-rate would definitely rise with just the thought of She Who Must Not Be Named. But then, fair haired Julian appeared on the scene and that changed my tune to the opposite end of the dial. There is talk that the whole Assange thing is itself a massive international conspiracy. But, so what if they are pushing him and his story into our consciousness for a reason? All I can say is, “Thank you, Big Brother.”

So it’s “choose your extreme personality obsession” time. She is extremely aggravating, more than annoying, blood pressure endangering and mostly just stupid. He is a bit creepy, more than a bit egotistic, but entirely brilliant and maybe fascinating. If I had to choose a personality type to follow, for my health, I think choosing the smart one makes more sense. Curiosity beats the hell out of indignation any day.

My new year’s resolution is to never speak the name P***n again. We on the left who cannot fathom her have kept her in the news, and it is time to let She Who Must Not Be Named fade to dust.


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