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Why her?

The question of the moment and basis of millions of bytes of conjecture is, “Why?” There is an assumption that Jared Loughner is a right-wing Tea Party wacko who took SP’s cross-hairs challenge to heart and decided to kill one of the people on her list, specifically Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. But the question is why? Why now? Why today? And why all the others, including a child? Is he, as his videos lead me to believe, just another sad crazy young man who slipped through the cracks?

There is currently a young woman tweeting up a storm that she was friends with him and last time she spoke with him, (a few years I think) he was a “lefty.” Please let that not be true. Jeez, what if it was one of the many totally pissed off progressives? Not likely given his talk about gold standards and such, but then how important is it really to the whole discussion to put him in a political slot?

Did this affect him?

We would all like to apportion blame. Could it be the Beck/Limbaugh/P***n hate spewing influence? That seems like the easiest explanation, though I fear it may be much more complex and dealing with it should be priority number one for Congress. But I am sure the finger pointing, political points counting and grand gesturing will stop them from confronting a growing risk to everyone from the deep divides in the country.

The other issue that must be faced is that this may just be one deeply disturbed man who should have gotten mental health help, but our country is not set up for that. And so the irony is, he shot a Congresswoman who has been fighting for health care for all, including the kind he needs the most.

If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities. — Voltaire



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