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One Way or Another

From the Evans Novak Political Report yesterday:

“Can McCain make this a race about national security? It’s hard to imagine the nation’s attention diverting from the economic mess right now, but again, we have nearly three weeks until Election Day. An al Qaeda terrorist attack timed for the election, unfortunately, is not unthinkable. That could be what it takes for McCain to win.”

Are they seriously suggesting this? Do they know someone who knows someone who can make this happen? And then the question is, would people really feel safer with McCain? I know I wouldn’t, but then I am not Jill Sixpack. I think that the far right is grasping at straws.

Now that the last debate is over, and McCain looked pathetic, the Republicans are going to have to do something drastic in order to pull this thing out of the fire. I remain cautiously optimistic, but have no doubt that should it serve their interests and, if they could make it look like al Qaeda, they would do anything to get control of the White House, and hence the Judiciary.


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