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Fool Me Once

I can be obsessive. I know that.  And my latest obsession is politics. Once again, the Democratic Party is allowing the Republican Party to get away with lying and stealing this election.  I lie awake night after night thinking of things that should be done, ads that should be made, retorts that should be torted. From her first speech at the RNC Palin has repeated the same lies over and over and yet she is getting by with it; and with every iteration it becomes less likely that the Democrats will be able to change the opinion of the voters by any means.  The press is not calling her on it.  Few have been willing to say that her “it told them no thanks” about the bridge to nowhere is just an outright lie.  She (and by she I mean the Rove machine) keeps getting herself in the news and the Republicans are using every trick possible to keep the truth from the voters.  Arg!!!!!!

They are the experts at the smoke and mirrors.  Keep deflecting the attention from the fact that McCain/Palin are just more Bush/Cheney.  In fact, you can put lipstick on Cheney, but it’s still Cheney.

Obama is having lunch today with Bill Clinton.  Hope he takes a lot of pages from his playbook.  Take Carville and put him in charge of the campaign.  Damn it!!!! Do something to stop this  train wreck happening before our eyes!!!


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