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Mark Your Calendar for fun, fun, fun!


If I had the guts (and the money), I would go to this just to see who shows up. Sure Palin will be there and Ann Coulter will be hanging with her homies, but the rest of the crowd, who are these people? Cheney and Bush were both speakers last year, as were McCain and Huckabee, but the roster and agenda are not yet available. (I’ll be waiting by my mailbox.) Who will be the headliners for 2009? For only $700, I could attend all the dinners and the speeches (to hear Ann Coulter in person, ooh!) and the exhibits, too. And oh, what a draw they have there! Exhibitors include:

2012 Draft Sarah Palin Committee (and so it begins.)
The American Conservative Union
Accuracy in Media (the biggest misnomer of them all)
Advocacy Ink
Alliance Defense Fund
American Civil Rights Institute (that’s the rights of white men they’re talking about)
American Civil Rights Union
American Conservative Defense Alliance
American for Tax Reform
Americans for Limited Government
Americans for a Safe Israel
American Future Fund
Americans United for Life
Americas Majority (working to make conservatives out of the least likely people)
Black Republican PAC (why? why? why?)
BMW Direct, Inc. (cars? no, conservative fundraising agency. if I were the car company, i’d sue.)
Campaign For Liberty
Capital Research Center
Catholic Family Caucus
Center for Competitive Politics
Center for Individual Freedom
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Citizens in Charge Foundation (what are they in charge of? click here to see.)
Citizens United
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
College Republican National Committee
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)
Concerned Women for America
Congress of Racial Equality
Congressional Effect Management
Council for America
David All Group, LLC
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Eagle Forum
Eberle Associates, Inc.
Family Research Council
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Freedom Alliance
Google (what’s their agenda? trying to get conservatives to search for answers?)
Hasan Family Foundation (a foundation that urges people to understand Muslim culture, hmmm? How did they get in?)
House Conservatives Fund
HowObamaGotElected.com (this must be a display of voting machines)
HSP Direct LLC
Human Events
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Intermarkets, Inc.
Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation (another one that must have snuck in, but i am sure they will be watched closely)
John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Policy
John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
Judicial Watch
Legacy List Marketing
Let Freedom Ring
Libertarian Party
Liberty Counsel
Liberty University School of Law
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Media Research Center
National Rifle Association (shocking!)
National Right to Work
National Taxpayers Union
Network of Enlightened Women (Ha! Must have misread the invitation)
New York State Conservative Party
Pajamas Media/TV
PM Direct Marketing
PFOX (aka Parents and Friends of ex-Gays) (aka delusion enablers)
Political Campaign Button Company
Politics Magazine
Radio America (home of G. Gordon Liddy.)
Regent University-Robertson School of Government
RegularFolksUnited.com (Another group that came to the wrong place.)
School of Public Policy – Pepperdine University
Snow Report Online
State Policy Network
Strategic Campaign Group
Students for Life of America
Susan B. Anthony List/Team Sarah (This pairing still confuses me. The only thing they might have in common was their anti-abortion stance and who knows how she would feel if she were a late 20th century woman?)
The Freedom Project
The Heritage Foundation
The Leadership Institute
The Republican Majority (Shhh! Don’t tell them they lost. More delusional thinkers.)
Threshold Editions
TMA List Brokerage & Management
Tradition, Family, Property
Vernon K. Krieble Foundation
Young America’s Foundation
Young Americans for Freedom
Young Americans for Liberty
Youth for Western Civilization

So, all these conservatives are going to get together and talk about how they lost and how they can get back? Will they be whining, hatching plans, cheer leading for the party, just hanging out drinking and dancing? Who will be the star of the weekend? Oh, to be a fly on the wall.


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Can it get any more ridiculous?

November 02, 2008
McCain’s Surrogate/Plumber Questions Obama’s Loyalty to the USA

Normally it would just be funny, if Joe the Plumber (or JTP as press insiders have dubbed him) was just another sudden celeb shooting off his mouth and getting ludicrous airtime, even if it is mainly just Fox. But the man has appeared at numerous rallies at McCain’s side. McCain has called him his “mentor,” an “American hero” and promises to bring him to Washington with him if elected. So this brief video from Fox today, in which Joe suggests Obama is disloyal to his country, really shows how far the campaign — and the mainstream media — have fallen.

I am looking forward to the end of this election so we get to forget about people like Joe the Plumber. People like him are what is wrong with this country. He is ignorant, is made into an overnight celebrity for doing nothing in particular, and once there abuses the gift. Is he at all interested in what is good for the country? Not one bit. He is arrogant, self-interested and rude. Maybe Palin can find him a place in Alaskan government. They have that big pipeline and he is sort of a plumber.

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Even Alaska is endorsing Obama

Stick a fork in McCain/Palin. They’re done. The largest newspaper in Alaska has now endorsed Obama. Their reasons are many, but follow what many on both sides have been saying for some time. McCain sold out.

Sen. McCain describes himself as a maverick, by which he seems to mean that he spent 25 years trying unsuccessfully to persuade his own party to follow his bipartisan, centrist lead. Sadly, maverick John McCain didn’t show up for the campaign. Instead we have candidate McCain, who embraces the extreme Republican orthodoxy he once resisted and cynically asks Americans to buy for another four years.

But while they are just plain proud to have Palin elevated like this, that is not enough.

The election, after all is said and done, is not about Sarah Palin, and our sober view is that her running mate, Sen. John McCain, is the wrong choice for president at this critical time for our nation.

And beyond that, Palin is in no way ready for the job.

Yet despite her formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth. To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the governor beyond her range. Like picking Sen. McCain for president, putting her one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time.

I only hope that many of the people who keep using that line that she is the most popular governor in American will read this. They probably won’t but if there is one thing that separates us in this election it is that we on the left have hope. Thank you Barack.

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One Way or Another

From the Evans Novak Political Report yesterday:

“Can McCain make this a race about national security? It’s hard to imagine the nation’s attention diverting from the economic mess right now, but again, we have nearly three weeks until Election Day. An al Qaeda terrorist attack timed for the election, unfortunately, is not unthinkable. That could be what it takes for McCain to win.”

Are they seriously suggesting this? Do they know someone who knows someone who can make this happen? And then the question is, would people really feel safer with McCain? I know I wouldn’t, but then I am not Jill Sixpack. I think that the far right is grasping at straws.

Now that the last debate is over, and McCain looked pathetic, the Republicans are going to have to do something drastic in order to pull this thing out of the fire. I remain cautiously optimistic, but have no doubt that should it serve their interests and, if they could make it look like al Qaeda, they would do anything to get control of the White House, and hence the Judiciary.

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