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Can it get any more ridiculous?

November 02, 2008
McCain’s Surrogate/Plumber Questions Obama’s Loyalty to the USA

Normally it would just be funny, if Joe the Plumber (or JTP as press insiders have dubbed him) was just another sudden celeb shooting off his mouth and getting ludicrous airtime, even if it is mainly just Fox. But the man has appeared at numerous rallies at McCain’s side. McCain has called him his “mentor,” an “American hero” and promises to bring him to Washington with him if elected. So this brief video from Fox today, in which Joe suggests Obama is disloyal to his country, really shows how far the campaign — and the mainstream media — have fallen.

I am looking forward to the end of this election so we get to forget about people like Joe the Plumber. People like him are what is wrong with this country. He is ignorant, is made into an overnight celebrity for doing nothing in particular, and once there abuses the gift. Is he at all interested in what is good for the country? Not one bit. He is arrogant, self-interested and rude. Maybe Palin can find him a place in Alaskan government. They have that big pipeline and he is sort of a plumber.


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