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I am a little scared

“As a cold political calculation, I could not be more pleased,” McCain said, calling Palin “a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America” and asserting “she’s the best thing that could have happened to my campaign and to America.”

Yesterday, Colin Powell endorsed Obama in what I can only describe as the most thoughtful analysis of this election I have heard. And yet, the polls say that Obama is slipping a bit. I hope that is just a statistical quirk. The fact that Powell’s endorsement is being framed by the Republicans and voiced by Rush Limbaugh as “totally about race” troubles me. It is also disturbing that they are characterizing Obama’s statement to Joe the Plumber that “we need to spread the wealth around” as being proof that he wants to turn the US into a socialist country. Come on! We just nationalized the banks, Bush is talking about another stimulus package that means giving everyone another free check, and Palin gives every resident of Alaska a free handout every year (paid for by taxing the oil the rest of us are using by the way.) Who is the socialist in this picture? And what is really so bad about spreading the wealth? Don’t taxes do just that anyway? And how does this hurt the people at the bottom? After all, Obama’s plan takes from those at the top and takes less from those at the bottom. That is exactly why the Republicans continue to lie about Obama raising taxes. If you knew that you would pay less and the rich would pay more, why would you vote for the opposite?

Actually, my fear is more that McCain/Palin want to turn this into a fascist country. As evidenced by McCain’s statement at the beginning of this post. What does he mean by “the liberal feminist agenda for America?” Is it about being pro-choice or wanting equal pay for equal work? Perhaps he thinks that abstinence only will work for women around the world and here at home better than helping with birth control and family planning education. Seems he isn’t even aware (doesn’t believe) that condoms help in preventing HIV. Too bad for all those women in countries where we give funds only if they agree not to talk about family planning or abortion. And too bad for the women here, too. In 2005, McCain voted “no” on a $100-million allocation for preventive health care services targeted at reducing unintended pregnancies, particularly teen pregnancies. In 2006, he voted against funding for comprehensive, medically accurate sex education for teens. Could that be pork in his warped little world view? Just what is the conservative “feminist” agenda? Or is that oxymoronic? I think it is mainly one issue: the pro-life crusade. Is there anything in this hypothetical conservative women’s scheme about taking care of women, raising them up, dealing with problems of single moms, sexual and physical abuse, inequities in all kinds of areas, taking care of their children’s health? If there is, then McCain/Palin do not speak for them. Their record is so anti-woman it is insane.

I think not so deep down McCain is one of the most misogynistic people in Washington. I think of The Handmaid’s Tale when I hear him talk about women. Sarah Palin is actually the first trophy VP; McCain’s choice of her is just as he said “a cold political calculation” — nothing more. But this cold political calculation could be the President if they manage to cheat their way into office, and he happens to accidentally find himself on the wrong end of a moose rifle. Then where would we be? In deep deep shit.

I can already hear those goose-stepping conservative feminists. All in their high-heeled boots with their big shouldered suits and their beehive hairdos, chanting “you betcha” in unison, rifles cocked and ready to take out all those liberal feminists at their gosh-darn family planning clinics. I am afraid for us all.


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